Digital Radiography

Our office are utilizes state-of-the-art digital radiography during your endodontic treatment.  We use an advanced non-film digital sensor system that allows diagnostic imaging with dramatically lower radiation doses than previously possible using standard dental x-ray film.

Cone Beam 3D Digital Imaging (CBCT)

The 3D Cone Beam Imaging System enables us to provide quicker and more accurate complex diagnosis and improved treatment strategies.  We can view and analyze root canal anatomies, take accurate root canal measurements, determine nerve location and make important treatment decisions not possible with standard 2-dimensional radiographs.  Calcifications, fractures, and the apex/sinus connection can be clearly viewed in great detail.

Operating Microscopes

Magnification and illumination are  vital to meet the high standards of modern root canal therapy.  Our Global 6-step operating microscopes fulfills this need.  Dramatically greater tooth detail is available with the microscope than possible with Dental Loupes.

Apex Locators

An apex locator is an electronic device that helps the endodontist measure root lengths with greater accuracy than radiographs alone, and aid in creating better endodontic treatment results.

Sonics and Ultrasonics

Ultrasonic instruments are used in several ways.  They help remove canal obstructions, open calcified (narrow) canals and aid in root-end filling during surgical endodontic treatment.  Sonics are used to agitate antimicrobial rinses, to further remove bacterial debris within the canal system and enhance endodontic treatment success.

global-microscopeOur Global Microscopes allows the doctor to see exceptional detail down each root, by magnifying the inside of the tooth up to 20 times.

kodak_cone-beamOur Kodak Cone Beam allows three dimension visualization of your tooth and surrounding structures.  It helps diagnose, identify, and provide accurate treatment planning.

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