Be sure to eat a normal meal prior to your endodontic appointment, and please take any prescribed medications that you normally take daily (such as heart, diabetes, or thyroid medications, antibiotics, etc.).  However, if this is your initial appointment with us and you have been taking any pain or anti-inflammatory medications for your tooth, please try to wait until after the evaluation appointment to begin your daily pain relief regimen.  Such pain relievers can mask our test results and inhibit our ability to make an accurate diagnosis.  If you have been given a specific antibiotic for your tooth issue, you may continue with this antibiotic regimen, since it is unlikely to problematic for your diagnosis.


Your tooth has a temporary filling.  Your dentist will provide the final restoration.  Avoid chewing on the affected side until your tooth is covered with a protective restoration.  This will prevent both dislodgment of the filling and prevent fracture of your remaining tooth structure.  You may continue your regular home oral hygiene program.
You will likely have some tenderness for a few days.  This is alleviated by taking ibuprofen (Advil) or naproxen (Aleve).  Since acetaminophen (Tylenol) has no anti-inflammatory properties, only take this if you are unable to take the other medications.  Or acetaminophen can be taken in between anti-inflammatory doses as a break through pain medication.
Since the reason for endodontic treatment sometimes involves bacteria, occasionally swelling or unusual pain may occur.  This may be due to a developing infection or an existing one.  If this occurs after hours please call the office for the emergency contact number and have your pharmacy phone number available.